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MAA President Keeps His Promise!

Great News: Rajendra Prasad keeps his promise!

MAA President Rajendra Prasad is proving to be a man of actions not just words. We are aware of his promise of offering monthly pensions to poor artists apart from few others like reduction of membership fee and a new building for the Association.MAA on Friday offered pensions (Rs 1,000/Person) to 26 aged artistes in the first phase. More people will get benefited by the Pension Scheme in the coming days as the ground work to identify the deserving people is under progress. Rajendra Prasad even appealed Artists to apply for pensions so that they would be receiving the benefit from next month onwards.

Implementing the Pension Scheme is the first real victory for Rajendra Prasad's panel as MAA under Murali Mohan's leadership offered pension to only one Artist inspite of have Rs 4.5 crore funds. May be, That's the reason none of the members of Jayasudha's panel attended the program.

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