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Taapsee Says About her Father!!

Taapsee idolises Dil Mohan Singh

The very thought of heroine Taapsee Pannu talking about someone is making headlines these days. Latest we hear from her mouth is about Dil Mohan Singh, whom she idolises. Well, who's he?...Today being Fathers Day, curly haired siren Taapsee confirmed that her father Dil Mohan Singh is always her spirit, strength and pillar of support. “I'm a tough girl like my dad. There are many gossips written about me in tinsel towns. But father never questioned me about them. To make my father proudly say that “Taapsee is my daughter" I'll work hard and ready to go any extent", says Taapsee. Running high with the success of “Ganga", Taapsee will be now seen in movies like Simbu's Kaan and others.

Taapse posted below in the FB:

I consider myself one out of those lucky few who had the privilege of living my life the way I wanted to. I was never ordered or pressurised for what subjects to choose, never pushed to confine my life only to books, never forced to join a specific college, never made to choose a career I wasn't happy Perusing. And while I kept taking my own decisions he never made me feel I am alone in this battle. I always had his back. My armour in this battle to live my life, my father. Thankq for giving me one year out of my own life to experiment with the career I never even planned for. We both took the risk and today I am sure we both are happy that we did....

People claim that we don't need such days to celebrate such relations, I agree but how many times do we really take out time to thank them? Let's atleast use this day to say that ever impending thankq.

Thank you papa, for giving me life and more importantly for letting me live it to the full.

Taapsee Pannu


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