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LB Sriram Making Short Films

lb sriram
Recently, everybody is showing interest in short movies for binging in a shape to their ideas. Mostly, youngsters are showing a lot of interest making short films. Now, a senior comedian is joining the short films makers team. He is none other than LB Sriram.

In reality, he is an actor and a writer as well. He has written dialogues for movies like Aa Okkati Adakku and Hello Brother and became very famous. With EVV's movie Chala Baagundi, he became famous as in the character who speaks in a village accent. After that, he has acted in different movies in different characters as a comedian and got good name and fame.

He has put his pen aside from a long time and is now planning to pen down his ideas and make them into short films. He is already open a YouTube channel as well for that. As a writer and ac actor, he has got a good name and let us wish that he gets a good name as a short film maker too.

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