You are at Nisha: I am not hot like my sister Kajal Aggarwal

Nisha: I am not hot like my sister Kajal Aggarwal

Nisha Aggarwal who is sister of Kajal Aggarwal came up as a reserved and somewhat conservative kind of girl when she made her debut in Telugu. There were many expectations on her to continue the same image. But Nisha has begun to unveil her glamorous and sexy side.

Even then, she could not establish as a top heroine like her sister, and she ended up as a small time heroine. Later she married her long-time boyfriend and settled in a family life. Nisha spoke to the media recently and revealed some secrets about her sister Kajal Aggarwal.

Nisha revealed that she is quite different from her sister and maintained that their choice of films are quite different but have similar tastes. Explaining the reason for not attaining stardom like her sister, Nisha said that she is not having the perfect shapes like her sister to attract people with glamour. Nisha says her body will not suit for glamour roles.

Nisha has put on some weight after her marriage. Nisha’s last movie happened to be a Malayalam movie titled “Sahaya” and won over the Malayalee audiences. Now the Telugu filmmakers too are hoping that her hot and spicy looks will work like a magic on Telugu audiences.

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