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Actress Swetha Basu Prasad Spotted in Kakinada


In a surprise of sorts, scandal hit heroine Swetha Basu Prasad, who was sent to a rehabilitation house after she was arrested in a police raid on a hotel for alleged prostitution, is now back in Andhra Pradesh.

It's not for any films, but Swetha Basu took part in a lucky draw event of a cloth store in Kakinada, where she has earlier shot for Kotha Bangaru Lokam movie. Crowds went berserk seeing at this petite beauty while onlookers are stunned if she's doing any Telugu films now. For now, Swetha is not taking up any movies but working at Anurag Kashyap's company as a script reader. Swetha Basu is recently seen in AIB's Qawwali song.

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