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Who Helping Swetha Basu Release from Jail!

It is known that Swetha Basu Prasad was caught in a prostitution racket a month ago and she was sent to the state home for 3-months period for rehabilitation. For some reason, This National-award winning actress didn't reveal the names of her high-profile clients till date.

Reports are abuzz that High-Profile Clients of Swetha Basu desperately want her to be out of relief home soon after the 3 months period as they are scared of the fact that there is every chance of the actress disclosing their identity if she continues to remain there for few more months. So, They are mounting pressure on the officials to ensure Swetha Basu steps out as soon as possible.

Usually, Court extends the rehabilitation of such victims to not less than 1 year based on Section 17 of Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act. Sunitha Krishnan who's Prajwala Organization runs a rescue home says, "At times, it takes 3 months for the victims of flesh trade to even speak a few words and hence releasing a victim in such short span will be of no use to the suffers".

Off late, Swetha Basu has been spending time by teaching music and english to the children in the rescue home.

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