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Inspiring Young Tollywood Stars!


There are many qualities that normal audience admire about glam world and name themselves as fans. Some Stars are simple, uniquely talented, stylish, charming...and list goes on.

Generally, they do get that kind of 'Recognition' after some trend setting films or classic works. But there will be few who stands above their age and experience, retain in 'good books' of everyone irrespective of 'Hits n Flops' tally.

Awaitnews bringing you some of those stars here.

Allu Arjun : Though he came to industry with strong back ground, he always strives to be best as 'Actor'. With his debut, he scored negative marks for looks and acting(till some extent). Being a star producer son, its cake walk for him to get offers.Also,Its not easy for everyone to come out of big shadow like 'Megastar'. But Allu arjun, very easily attained his identity with very second film. From there, he never took back step to experiment with body,looks,dance,acting and dialogues. He reached to a point, where a multi starrer or guest appearance of him can make a 'Big Plus' to the movie.Definitely he is a youth icon and an inspiration to many upcoming actors.

Samantha : This cutie pie is a stunning beauty with great brains.She showed great talent as 'Actress' from very first film.Whatever she takes on, either it is films, promotions,charity work or social awareness, always she makes a mark. Above all these she had great courage to question on 'industry faults' that she founds. she makes a point and stands by that at any cost. She remained as 'Star' without playing so called 'diplomatic' games.

Sharwanand : He is another piece of Gem. He always go with concepts and explore himself in all possible angles. He puts himself under 'Litmus Test' for almost every film he acts. He is above those regular industry equations of delivering a hit at any cost. Where all the youngsters going with 'fear' factor and delivering proven success formula's, he was busy in finding his own thrust.Kudos for his great attitude.

Nithya Menon : This moon faced beautiful is package of talent and 'her own terms'.A perfect actress, just makes you bound around her with face alone.The maturity that she shows at her age is un-explainable.Her definition of acting is path-breaking for current generation.There is a lot all young and aspiring heroines should learn from nithya. Definitely, she is from those ages and made her mark in this clumsy glam show merely with her talent.

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