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Top Directors Stopped Approaching Me


Actor-cum-Director Ravibabu is arriving this time with a sequel to 'Avunu' which was a good hit. The filmmaker declares 'Avunu 2' will scare the audience much more than the original and the new version actually starts from the point where 'Avunu' ended.

In a recent interview, Ravibabu was asked why he would cast himself in key roles in the movies directed by him. He reacted, "May be, that's true! In fact, Suresh Babu suggested the name of Nana Patekar for the villain role in 'Anasuya'. But, I am sure I could play the role much better than Nana Patekar as I designed it keeping myself in the mind. At last, I was able to convince Suresh Babu".

Ravibabu doesn't mince his words. On his acting career, "Top Directors have stopped approaching him in the recent past. Small-Time Filmmaker have been asking me to act in their films. Sometimes, I even act without charging penny. I will play the roles in which I wish to see my self".

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