You are at Arjun's JAI HIND 2 Goes Ignored?

Arjun's JAI HIND 2 Goes Ignored?

This weekend Joru and Brother of Bommali are two direct releases hitting the screens which left no scope for Action Hero Arjun's JAI HIND 2.May due to the lack of promotions in Telugu the Bilingual even though was in race for BO was not even noticed by audience. Arjun's pet project which made him spend 10 crores on production is an action entertainer with loads of social message. 

The movie based on education system in India, even though had a good concept and story lacked not only audience but also critics who were busy with Brother of Bommali and Joru. In Hyderabad there was no turnout of audience in theatres for JAI HIND 2.

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