You are at Manamantha Satellite Rights 6.8 Crores!!

Manamantha Satellite Rights 6.8 Crores!!

While "Manamantha" is struggling to register hefty collections at box office, it's satellite business has just soared over the regular intake. It's mindblowing we have to say.For both Telugu and Malayalam versions of the film included, we hear that Star Network (MAA TV in Telugu) has paid an whopping 6.8 crores for the satellite rights of the movie.

Directed by talented Chandrasekhar Yeleti, the film has Mohan Lal, Gauthami and child artist Ranya Rao putting up a fantastic display of performances in 4-story-parallel screenplay. Apart from the applause its won, surely these satellite prices are going to stay in history.Also the film has uplifted the proud of Varahi Cinema helmed by Sai Korrapati who has produced a series of super flops in a row these times.

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