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Is Samantha responsible for the Failure?

Everyone will be happy if a movie gets success. But, if a movie gets failure everyone blames each other. In the same way some Tamil channels carried the news saying that Samantha was responsible for the poor show of Sikander.

Incidentally our Telugu channels copied the same news and spread it all over. Naturally Samantha was upset by this news and she strongly condemned after being told about the stories, “It’s the first time probably when a film’s heroine is being blamed for its failure. I put in my best for the character. In fact, I tried to do the glam doll act by appearing in hot pants. A film fails due to weak story or bad direction. How can a heroine be responsible for its failure? I wonder how such programmes can be made.”

Well, it is time for Samantha to realize that all the cast and crew must take the responsibility for the failure or success of any movie.

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