You are at Baahubali Screened for feedback?

Baahubali Screened for feedback?


An interesting gossip is doing rounds in Film Nagar at the moment about ace director Rajamouli and his upcoming project "Baahubali". It is rumoured that the film was screened to a test audience at Prasad Labs and various quick edit changes are taking place at the moment.

"After screening the film to a test audience, nearly 100 members, Rajamouli has taken feedback from them. As this is nearly 100 crore project with 2 years of time associated with it, he wants no error come his way at box office. Taking the feedback from those audience, some changes are being made now. Certain boring scenes are chopped down and those scenes heavily liked by everyone are getting developed a little", said a source. However, none from the "Baahubali" team has confirmed or acknowledged the news.

Every film lover wonders why Rajamouli would do that? Because Jakkanna never reveals his work much before the actual release of the flick. Also he is a legend in making decisions and wont actually depend on test audience for feedback. We have to see if Rajamouli responds on these rumours.

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