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DSP reveals secret about Mahesh-Namrata

Remember the romantic song 'Vecha Vecha Ga Unde Chilipi Kougili, Ambaranike Nede Prema Jabhili' in the movie 'Vamsi'. This song was actually written and sung by Devi Sri Prasad for the musical score composed by Manisharma. "It was huge connection between Mahesh and Me. That was a big thrill for Me," said DSP, sharing this secret during Manasantaa Mahesh program.

Later, Devi Sri Prasad met Mahesh Babu and Narmata during a get-together arranged in Director Jayant C Paranjee's house. It was then Mahesh introduced DSP to Namrata by saying 'Hey Telusa, Devi! He was the one who wrote our first love song'.

DSP says, "That's such a sweet thing for him to say. I never thought he will remember. Because of all these, I had a special liking and impression for Mahesh garu". 

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