You are at Watch : Hari Krishna On Janaki Ram's Death

Watch : Hari Krishna On Janaki Ram's Death

Nandamuri Harikrishna is totally distressed with the loss of his elder son Janaki ram and he was yet to come into terms with normality.

After days of his son’s death Harikrishna opened up on the fatal day and how the death was happpeend.harikrishan gave special interview to a telugu tv channel and he shared many things about his elder son Janaki Ram.Harikrishna explained about relationship with Janaki Ram and said that days will be not same without his son.

In his long interview Harikrishna explained the things happened on fatal day.Harikrishan said that he was informed a person named Venu about the accident that succumbed his son.He explained how he got in touch with CM Chandrababu Naidu and his sons on the day.Harikrishna  also thanked stranger Venu's family who joined on Janakiram in hospital.

He also spoke about Janaki ram’s persona and added that he was a calm going person unlike others. 

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