You are at Allu Arjun: Watch With Heart, Not Intelligence!!

Allu Arjun: Watch With Heart, Not Intelligence!!

Bunny slammed critics at Thank You meet

The other S/o Satyamurhty “Thank You" meet has taken place at Vizag amidst a gala of attendance from mega fans. Rising to the ocassion, stylish star Allu Arjun has slammed critics my remarking that they have watched movie with intelligence.“Critics have watched the movie with intelligence on day one. But they cant understand this movie. S/o Satyamurthy should be watched with heart, not intelligence", said Bunny. “Though there is divide talk on day one, bad reviews and other negative criticism, the movie became sensational hit at box office. This is Peoples Hit", he pointed out.Along with Allu Arjun, movie's director Trivikram was also present at the meet, and thanked fans for making the movie such a hit.

Son Of Satyamurthy Movie Success Meet Stills

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