You are at Shriya furious on existing fake twitter account!

Shriya furious on existing fake twitter account!

Dazzling heroine Shriya Saran got a warm welcome on twitter the other as she made a re-entry on the social networking website. She could be now reached at “@Shriya1109”. But there is another account on twitter already which claims to be Shriya and has almost 1.85 lakhs followers, including some high profile celebrities.

Upset with this fake account, Shriya has posted a series of tweets venting her anger at the intruders. They are as follows:

With all due respect, I don't appreciate fake accounts.This is my real account!

So all fake ids! Please stop it! It's not funny and cool to fake some one

You can follow me here!i can understand it if you guys want to have a fan page! Please respect my individuality! Let me be me !

I'm going to get this account verified to stop confusion.

To love and appreciate some one is very different from faking some one.Intruding there privacy!you know who you are!

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