You are at Ram Gopal Varma satire on Jesus

Ram Gopal Varma satire on Jesus

Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his controversial tweets came with another shockers on X' Mas day. Here are his tweets
If Jesus loves everyone does he love ISIS also? -Just askingn a full on physical fight between Jesus and Allah I doubt Jesus will win because of the way Jesus's biceps look..just saying
If just Romans could kill Jesus in such a horrifically brutal way I shudder to think what ISIS would have done to Jesus?
I really want to know from Christians who believe Jesus loves everyone to tell me whether Jesus also loves Abu Bakr the leader of ISIS?
If Jesus loves everyone from Abu Baqr of ISIS to also Alqaeda members shouldn't Americans review their own God instead of checking Mosques?
Many happy returns of the day Mr.Jesus!, and after eating Santa's chocolates please see if u can do anything about ISIS..Which I doubt.

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