You are at Niharika Konidela Revealed Her Debut Movie!!

Niharika Konidela Revealed Her Debut Movie!!

In a recent interview, Niharika Konidala revealed why she is making debut as Actress, First reaction of Mega Family and Skin Show.Why Acting?: I'm very passionate about acting. I have done many things in the past such as anchoring, production & direction but the kick I received from acting is unmatchable. I could see myself doing well in future. That's not out of over-confidence but I'm confidence.Debut Movie: I have listened to lot of stories before but I don't remember connecting to any of them until Ramaraju garu approached me with this subject. Its such a lovely script and I could feel my heart pounding the last 5 minutes of the movie. Its a very good love story.First Reaction of Mega Family: I liked the script very much. Then, My Family Members listened to it. When I first told to Peddananna and Charan, They were very concerned and protective because Girls should be taken care of. But, none them said 'No, You shouldn't turn into an actress'.Skin Show: I do have a few restrictions because of the family legacy. Even though I'm not completely against glamorous roles, I can do them till an extent and make sure I would never hurt the feelings of Mega Fans. You needn't just be an eye candy to succeed in Industry. If your good at acting, You can succeed even though not so beautiful.

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