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Actress in 'sex scandal' finds help on social media!

Actress in 'sex scandal' finds help on social media

Here's all you need to know about sex racket actress XYZ
● Watch arrest video of sex racket actress XYZ
● Sex scandal: Actor's fall from grace

Sensational headlines like the above have been trending online the past few days, ever since news of a Tollywood actress being arrested in connection with a sex racket broke out. Chances are many would have clicked on one of the links to get their fix of the 'hottest' scandal to have emerged from showbiz in the past few months. Not stopping at that, many users were quick to pass judgments on the actress, posting comments like — "bad upbringing", "stupid actress", "what poverty excuse?" etc., on their timelines. However, there are many voices emerging from social media, that are calling to end this moralistic stand and judgmental attitude that's been held by many, post the scandal.

Setting the ball rolling on Friday afternoon was a group of influential filmmakers from Bollywood, who released a statement on a blog. Signed by the likes of Vishal Bharadwaj, Karan Johar, Imtiaz Ali, Abbas Tyrewala, Rensil D'Silva, Amole Gupte among others, the statement read; "We have been greatly disturbed by the harsh reporting on a former child actor's alleged involvement in a prostitution racket.

All of us know how difficult it is for young child actors to find a foothold in this industry as adults. We urge the media to refrain from treating her life as gossip for their viewers/readers. We also request the film fraternity to empathise rather than judge or label her. Somewhere, we are all accountable for the disillusionment of the one so young.All of us stand in complete solidarity with this fine National Award-winning actor of immeasurable talent."Since then, this sentiment began to ricochet across popular online platforms.

"Do we really have the right to brand or judge someone? Everyone knows what's right and wrong. But who lives by it totally? The easiest and most evil thing to do is judge," wrote Hyderabadi
biz honcho Kishan Lohia on a social networking site. Entreprenuer Esha Hindocha too voiced a similar opinion, calling for people on her timeline to stop being judgmental. "Do we have the
right to judge the decisions someone takes in life? Are we right in questioning matters not concerning us?" asked Esha.

It's common knowledge that these days social media perception can either make or break someone. With news of the arrest of the actress consumed in all its voyeuristic glory — shared, retweeted, forwarded — sparking off a huge moralistic debate online, it propelled rational voices to help bring 'sanity to proceedings' and destroy all prejudices with their tweets and status messages. The judgmental remarks against the actress were countered by facts, ethics and calls to 'look inwards'.

Elsewhere, users began rallying against those spouting hate against sex workers. "Respect her courage for admitting that she made the wrong choice. Unthinkable for our self-righteous
hypocrites," wrote @copylefft. Another user, @Roflindian, posted, "Never mind XYZ. You've merely traded ur physical self. People trade their parents, their gods, their souls and their nations (sic)." Posts like these, from common people, questioned the collective conscience of a nation that is known to put up a holier-than-thou attitude, while indulging in a moral vs immoral debate.

From salacious, voyeuristic and unethical to sympathetic and now nonjudgmental, ocial media has got into action to erase the scar that was forced upon an actress, who admitted to being
a sex worker due to dire circumstances. In the past too, social media has been used as an effective tool to change public perception. And this time, if it's for the better,who are we to complain?

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