You are at Sam slams ban on BBC show

Sam slams ban on BBC show

Sam slams ban on BBC Show; Siddarth supports

The controversial BBC documentary 'India's Daughter' has been banned by the Indian Government . The controversial documentary had been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people in India despite a ban.

Several celebrities expressed their opinion on the documentary and the latest joinee is Samantha.Actress Samanta criticized the Government's decision to ban the telecast of BBC documentary.On Friday, Samantha took to Twitter and commented " One who believes in the validity of their own beliefs should and does welcome dissent. At best, they engage with it. At worst, ignore it.Ideally, they learn from it either way. #indiasdaughter. World's largest democracy with a pitiful identity crisis."

Actor Siddarth also supported view of his ex girl friend and said "A film about rape in the US military- yes. About rape in the Catholic Church-yes. A film about rape in India - BAN! #Indiasdaughter #DARKAGES."

Meanwhile the Indian government has remained defiant over its ban on a BBC documentary despite a groundswell of acclaim for the film from prominent people who watched it online.Authorities have been working to remove the documentary from online video-sharing sites like YouTube.

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