You are at Priyanka wants to romance only big heros

Priyanka wants to romance only big heros

Bollywood actress and beauty queen Priyanka Chopra has expressed that she is not going to romance small actors though she is paid huge remuneration and she only wants big stars for her in the movies. 

The hot actress who is waiting for the mega movie ‘Mary Kom’ which is based on the International boxing champion Mary Kom’s life and the movie is getting tremendious response from both India and abroad has made Priyanka to sign the movies after selecting the script and actors.  

She recently rejected a movie Gustaakhiyaa with Irfan Khan and earlier also she rejected Anu Kapoor’s Saat Khoon Maaf, citing that both are small hero’s and both are unfit to romance her.  

So let us wait how far Priyanka Chopra will be successful in the movies.

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