You are at Murali Mohan is the Only Culprit - Nagababu

Murali Mohan is the Only Culprit - Nagababu

'Hema Is Puppet In Muralimohan's Hands'

"Actress Hema is innocent. She is just mouthing Muralimohan's ideas and spitting venom on me. If I've to blame anyone for commenting on me, then I should talk about Muralimohan only", said Mega Brother Nagababu while speaking to TV9 today. In an exclusive interview he opined that, Muralimohan is bringing unwanted real-life politics to Movie Artists Association.

Earlier, actress Hema accused that Nagababau has purchased a house worth 75 lakhs for association with association's fund and that depreciated to 15 lakhs. "Yes, I've brought a land, but not just my sole supreme authority. Everyone approved to buy that including execuvtive members and general body members. As Muralimohan is into Real Estate business, how could you look each and every property in that angle (regarding depreciated price)?" asks Nagababu, in return to Hema's accusations.

Apart from these politics, has MAA done any good for movie artists really?

"For most of the time Muralimohan is the President of MAA, so we have to ask him about what good deeds MAA has done. For people who are suffering with diseases MAA should help financially, but what for these yagnams are? These Mrutyunjaya Homams and Rudraksha Yaagams doesn't help anyone", he pointed out. That sounds logical and sensible too.

What's the use of this rivalry then?

"After these elections, once again me and Murali Mohan will shake hands, rub shoulders and happily get along", laughs Nagababu, adding that these elections are no big war or politics, except some unwanted disturbances of short span. "However Muralimohan has this reputation of taking decisions in a tyrannous way. That's not correct. We should think about poor artists rather just heaping funds in MAA accounts"

One thing is clear, whoever is elected as MAA president should at least now focus on real troubles and financial issues some artists are facing.

Here is the Full interview of Nagababu.

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