You are at Bala krishna Furious on Media Over action!

Bala krishna Furious on Media Over action!

It is known that, entire Nandamuri's family is in extreme shock and are mourning over Janaki Ram's sudden demise. At this time, rather than giving moral support, an English daily irresponsible behaviour made Balakrishna furious.

Janaki Ram died in a road accident, when a tractor which was coming in wrong route ran into Janaki Ram's car while he is on his way to Vijayawada. This english daily, said that there was also a girl in the car at the time of incident and she survived with minor injuries, Police officers are further investating her.

Coming to know about this article, Balakrishna got furious and fired on that daily. Close sources revealed that, Balakrishna is also preparing to take a legal action on that daily which has published the article without any checking.

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