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Actress Saiyyam Khanna commits suicide

Time and again it has been proved that, Bollywood is a frightening place to be in. Soon after actress Jiah Khan committing suicide, comes the news of yet another young aspiring actress, Saiyyam Khanna, taking her own life. Coming from small towns and leading a lonely life is not easy for the young girls, as not achieving the expected success soon shatters their rosy picture about glamour industry. Depression soon starts seeping in with very little or no work coming their way.

Saiyyam, who hanged herself on 31st August night, was said to be suffering from severe depression since last few months. Hours before committing suicide, Saiyyam is said to have sent her sister Riya, outside for some work. Riya on returning back found the door of sister’s room closed, with a song being played inside. Assuming that her sister had gone off to sleep with her I-pod on, Riya opened Saiyyam’s room only to find her sister hanging from the ceiling.

While the police are claiming the incident as plain case of suicide, Riya has provided a twist to the tale, claiming about Siayyam’s boyfriend, son of a famed Bollywood actor, being the reason behind Saiyyam taking this drastic step. Although Siayyam’s handwritten note mentions about her committing suicide on her own will, Riya has disclosed about her sister’s volatile and abusive relationship with her boyfriend, being the reason behind her act.

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