You are at Telugu "I" Music Disappointing

Telugu "I" Music Disappointing

Music Lovers Blasting Telugu

The much touted movie 'I' had its audio release in a grand style and reactions are now flowing in from different groups regarding the songs. Most of them say the lyrics looks like they are being forced by the music director A R Rahman as in, he just wants the literal translation of Tamil version lyrics.

As a result, the lyricists are finding it tough to write and listeners are finding it tough to understand. Though we have great lyricists who have the power to write lines that will form instant impression on hearts Rahman seems to be forcing that Tamil translation to Telugu. For instance, in 'Kadali' movie Vanamali got a bad credibility because he literally had to translate the Tamil lyrics.

But if he was given the free hand to write as per his thoughts then he would have rocked. Anyhow, many now feel despite the presence of Ananth Sriram, Ramajogayya Sastry, Suddala Ashok Teja, Chandrabose for 'I', all their songs are far from nativity and the lines are not in sync. In the past, 'Sivaji' and 'Robot' songs also had the same problem. Overall, Rahman's unusual approach towards lyrics is being seen as the cause for 'I' songs to go down.

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