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Rudramadevi Trailer Review : Not Worth of the Wait!

Guna Sekhar's Much Hyped and waited historical film 'Rudramadevi' trailer got released and movie is set to hit the screens in few months. Prior releasing it officially, makers made some hungama in facebook for its premier release in Prasad's I Max. A day after its got released officially. Let see how far it matches the hype around it.

In first place, it a trailer dominated with graphics and visual effects. From First frame it reminds you of an animated or third rated cartoon movie.


Orugallu city,Kakatiya Fort, The place where queen addressees public..,everything looked so artificial.


Coming to Actors, Anushka looked good as glamorous young queen. But as Queen, she looked serious than royal and dignified.


Another Add-on Value to this Project Allu Arjun as Gona Ganna Reddy lived upto it. His raw looks and well built body, different slang are pluses.Few dialogues he uttered were impressive.It is to be seen how much mileage his character added to the whole film.


Rana and others looked rich and good.


Overall, Rudramadevi trailer is a work of graphics mostly. Earlier in tollywood, we have seen films with graphics like 'Ammoru','Arundathi',"Anji' and 'Magadheera'. All these films used graphics to add value to the emotion., nothing else. But Rudramadevi seems completely dependent on these. Or may be makers showcased only those in trailer.

Rajamouli's 'Magadheera' connected so well to viewers as it has more realistic work.Hope Guna Sekhar filmed war and other powerful scenes realistically.

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