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Bengal Tiger Release Postponed


Of late, there have been several unavoidable clashes between big and medium budget films during their releases. Recently, the makers of Rudhramadevi and Bruce Lee too were stuck in a release tangle. And now, with Bengal Tiger and Size Zero poised for a November 27th release, yet another clash was inevitable.

However, Bengal Tiger's producer Radhamohan, Size Zero producer PVP and Sankarabharanam producer Kona Venkat sat down together and discussed their release dates. Since Size Zero is a prestigious project which is releasing in both Telugu and Tamil, a decent simultaneous release was needed to strike big at the box-office.

Understanding Size Zero stake at the box-office, Radhamohan decided to postpone Bengal Tiger's release to December 10th and gave way for Size Zero. Touched by Radhamohan's gesture, PVP thanked him. Now, Size Zero, Shankarabharanam and Bengal Tiger will enjoy a solo release.

Such gestures by producers will not only develop goodwill in Tollywood but also help the box-office prospective of their respective films. From now onwards, we can expect producers announcing release dates much in advance and also trying their best to stick to the schedules.

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