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Junior NTR Tweets about Balakrishna's Injury

The clashes between Junior NTR and Balakrishna is well known to every one. Both of them are avoiding each other since couple of years and the animosity is so strong that Balayya did not invite NTR to his daughter's marriage. Subsequently, NTR despite not making open comments send indirect signals to fans about his opinion by not campaigning to TDP in the recent elections. However Junior softened his stance once TDP rose to power in Andhra Pradesh. He personally visited Chandra Babu and congratulated him on the win. Later on he even attended the swearing-in ceremony of Chandra Babu Naidu. On the same grounds, Junior seem to be trying a patch up with Balakrishna too. He posted a message in his Twitter account late on Friday night about Balakrishna who is injured in a film shooting. "Wishing Babai a speedy request to all the fans.dnt worry guys the LION is fine.he will be back ROARING", tweeted NTR. As soon as the tweet is sent, delighted Nandamuri fans are all happy and started trending it.  It is known that while filming a bike riding scene for his next film, Balayya lost control over the bike and quickly skid on the road injuring himself. Immediately he is rushed to a private hospital in LB Nagar for treatment. It is said that he has got seven stitches on his leg. Balayya's team in Facebook posted that the actor is doing well and will resume the shoot from Monday.

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