You are at First CD of Nannaku Prematho dedicated to DSP dad

First CD of Nannaku Prematho dedicated to DSP dad


It's an unfortunate coincidence that composer Devi Sri Prasad is delivering the music of "Nannaku Prematho" as a gift to his dad, but his dad passed away suddenly, only to receive anything as a gift from now on.

Other day Devi shared that he has this habit of giving the first CD of his films or any other projects to his dad and mom only. In the same sentiment, he's getting ready to give the final master of Nannaku Prematho to his dad, but he passed away. Shocked by this development, DSP took a while to recover, and he has now gifted the CD to his dad's huge photo-frame, taking the blessings from him.

More than the songs, background music of Nannaku Prematho would have brought the best of Devi Sri Prasad in the kind of pain he is, which is actually matching the theme of the film. Hope our composer's wounds would heal soon.

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