You are at Trivikram - Dil Raju, Who Is That Star Hero?

Trivikram - Dil Raju, Who Is That Star Hero?

Trivikram And Dil Raju

Suspense over the next flick of Trivikram Srinivas has been cleared with an official statement issued by a Leading Producer. Dil Raju officially confirms that he would be producing Trivikram's upcoming project starring one of the Top Stars. Its going to be a wholesome family entertainer and would be content-driven just alike 'A Aa'. Apparently, Dil Raju is the Nizam distributor of 'A Aa'.

He bought the rights for Rs 8 crore and achieved break-even by Tuesday (6th Day). Speaking on the stupendous success, Dil Raju said films released in the month of June hardly become success but 'A Aa' went on to be a blockbuster only because of Trivikram's magic.

'Even before the release of 'A Aa', Me and Trivikram struck a deal to work together for a project on our banner. It will be with a Star Hero. We would reveal the details in one or two months,' he told.

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