You are at Chiranjeevi Balakrishna and Nagarjuna in Big Race!

Chiranjeevi Balakrishna and Nagarjuna in Big Race!

In what seems like a once in a lifetime statistical coincidence, three of Tollywood's biggest matinee idols Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna andNagarjuna are all on the threshold of crossing cinematic milestones. Even as the suspense around Chiru's much awaited 150th film abounds, the expectancy around the 100th films of Balayya and Nag has just begun to peak. No matter where they go, the superstar trio are always reminded about their upcoming landmark films by fans and well wishers. We caught up with the matinee idols to find out first hand what it feels like to deal with the burden of public expectations. 
Megastar Chiranjeevi ascribes his motivation to do the 150th solely to the love of his fans. "I have received so much love and adulation in my career and I owe everything I've achieved in life to them. Since making my political entry back in 2008, my fans have been waiting for my 150th. It's going to be a special film and I want to make sure that the film will be worth the wait," says Chiranjeevi.
Ram Charan, who is producing the movie revealed earlier that they have locked in on four scripts and looks like the Rajya Sabha MP hasn't made up his mind yet. "I'm on the lookout for the right script. All I can say is that I will be playing a very entertaining role that will give my fans plenty to cheer about. It will be a special film," adds Chiranjeevi.

VV Vinayak is tipped to be the favourite to direct the film, but the filmmaker clarifies saying, "It would be a privilege to direct it. If I were to direct the film, it would certainly be high on entertainment value."

Nagarjuna, on the other hand, is currently shooting for his 97th film and seems to be taking things as they come. "Personally, I'm not much of a numbers guy, but the talk about my 100th film makes me realise how fast time has flown by. It makes me feel old," quips the actor. The passing years though haven't been able to make a dent on the actor's desirability. He is referred to as the most good looking 55-year-old Telugu man.
Ask the superstar about his ageless good looks, Nag says, "It feels great to know that I've been able to stay relevant over such a long period of time. There is no secret as such. For me, it's all about moderation and discipline. Whether work or play I do everything in moderation. It's something that I picked from my dad." 
Similarly, actor-turned-politician Balakrishna, who is shooting for his 99th film, directed by Satyadev, hasn't yet given a thought about his 100th film. The Nandamuri scion, who recently completed 40 years in Tollywood, is aware of the weight of expectations surrounding his personal milestone. 
"I'm not a big planner and believe in living in the moment. I'm aware of the huge expectations surrounding the film, but I don't think I will ask any filmmaker to do a special film for me just because it's a milestone. It all depends on the script. It will happen when it has to happen," says Balayya.

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