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Bunny,Catherine and Nitya Menon Roles in Rudramadevi

Anushka-Rudramadevi Movie

Here Awaitnews exclusively brings you who is what in rudrama devi history and in Guna sekhar's film.

Krishnam Raju -Ganapathi Deva :
Ganapathi Deva was a Kakatiya Ruler, who ruled kingdom from 1199 A.D to 1259 A.D. He won many kingdoms like nellore,kanchi,kalinga and chola. He survived With two daughters Rudramba(Known as Rudrama devi) and Ganapamba.

Anushka -Rudrama Devi :
Rudrama Devi is successor of Ganapathi Deva.As the King doesn't have son's Rudrma devi made as son with ancient putrika ceremony and named 'Rudra Deva'.She used to wear male attire.She took charge of kakatiya kingdom, which has Warangal as Capital in 1259 A.D.

She was only 14 years old by that time. So, she ruled conjointly with father Ganapathi Deva. She Married to Chalukya Veerabhadra, king of Nidadavolu.

As Ganapathi Deva Lost territory in a battle with Pandya's and eventually grip on family politics too, he retired from all administrative activities in 1261 A.D.

Rudrama Devi coronated As Queen with his father's trusted minister Siva Devayya as advisor.Being queen she faced rivolt from cousins Maha Deva,Harihara Deva and other family members for power.

For Much more grief, she lost her husband Veerabhadra in 1266 A.D in a Battle. Later her father too in 1267 A.D. She went in deep depression and thought of dying even.

But her intellectual minister Siva Devayya and loyal Customs officer Gona Ganna Reddy came for her rescue. With their help, she took control of herself and things in family.

She took care of administrative things with single hand and ruled like a King.It was learned that her husband Veerabhadra too jealous of her skills as Queen.

She was killed in 1289 A.D by Kayastha King Ambadeva(Jaya Prakash Reddy donning this role) in a battle near Chandupatla.

Rana -Chalukya Veerabhadra :
He is king of Nidadavolu,West Godavari. Married Rudrama.The Couple had two daughters Mumidamma,Ruyamma.He Died early in his 30's.

Allu Arjun -Gona Ganna Reddy :
He is king of Vardhamana Puram, Mahaboob nagar district. He is one noble men(one of the king for a mandal) to Rudrama. He used to take care of Tax and Customs Revenue in Rudrama Devi's Rule.

He stood behind her in many battles and helped her with instruction of Minister Siva Devaiah in tough times.

Gona Ganna Reddy Story

Nithya Menon -Mummidamma :
Mummidamma is elder daughter of Rudrama Devi and Veerabhadra. she has a son Pratap Rudra, whom Rudrama Devi adopted and made her Successor.Pratapa Rudra was the Last King ruled in Kakatiya Dynasty.

In his time, muslim kings invaded India. After he lost to them, he was taken to Delhi. On the way to Delhi, he committed suicide.

Prakash Raj -Siva Devayya :
Intelligent minister of Kakatiya Rule. He worked for Ganapathi Deva and Rudrama Devi. He helped the kings in all times and known as loyalist to Kakatiya kings.

Catherine Tresa -Anamika Devi :
She is a Princess, love interest of Gona Ganna Reddy.Their Love Marriage is all together a separate story.

Hamsa Nandini -Madanika :
She is a Dancer in Rudrama devi's house and known as brave hunter.

Baba Sehgal -Naga Deva :
He worked as commander of Army in Rudrama Devi and Pratap Rudra's rule. He stood in front for many battles and helped the queen.

Looking at history of Queen Rudrama Devi, its really a challenge to director Guna Sekhar to carve out such a powerful subject on screen. Being said by him, its his life-ambitious project, lets see how he moulded this story.

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