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Pic Of The Day: Varun Tej Reminds Oopiri Movement

Varun Tej
Mega hero Varun Tej and the unit of his upcoming film 'Mister' completed the Ooty schedule and landed back in Hyderabad on October 1st. It was reported the other day that Varun suffered a fracture while shooting. Despite the doctors advised him to take 3-4 weeks rest, the young mega hero was said to have attended the shoot with his fractured leg itself and helped the unit complete the shoot on time.

Soon after landing in the Hyderabad airport, Varun took this picture and posted on social media. 'Back to Hyderabad from ooty! These two took such good care of me!..thanks a lot and to each and everyone for your wishes... Will run soon!!!,' Varun tweeted.

While he was sitting in a wheelchair, Satyam Rajesh and 'Mister' leading lady Lavanya Tripathi are also seen in this pic helping him. Doesn't this picture remind you of 'Oopiri' poster in which Nagarjuna was sitting in a wheelchair, and Karthi and Tamanna were in place of Rajesh and Lavanya?

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