You are at Popular Singer Insulted Udaya Bhanu!!

Popular Singer Insulted Udaya Bhanu!!

Even Celebrities have to deal with insults at some point in their careers. Udaya Bhanu who is expecting twins 15 years after marriage shared an incident which hurt her very much in a recent interview. Udaya Bhanu: 'We were in US for an event. A popular singer of TFI asked Me to come on to the stage only after her as she feared I will hog all the limelight. She kept singing, invited everyone but deliberately ignored Me'.

'Thereafter, We have done a satirical skit on Anchors. When Participants invited Me, I stepped on the stage and the Orchestra People, hired by the singer, have given a pathetic music during my entry'.

'After the end of show, That Singer called everyone on stage except Me. Still, I went on stage to say She hasn't invited Me on stage inspite of working for the past 30 days on the show. Then, I told 'I won't come here again. You (NRIs) should come to India, do whatever you can to your country and native place'. All of them present there clapped hearing my thanks giving speech. Later, The Singer tried to cover her fault saying it wasn't intentional. I have faced lot of insults and hence I don't have many friends in the Industry. I have friends who can sacrifice their lives for Me outside the Industry'.

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