You are at Heroines Dumb Answers on Republic Day

Heroines Dumb Answers on Republic Day

Why do we celebrate Republic Day for? Not many know why India and Indians celebrate their Republic Day on January 26th with pride. Our celebrities are not an excuse as they sound their silliest best while answering about what they do know about R-Day.

Heroine Sanjana of 'Bujjigadu' fames says, "We celebrate Republic Day because on that my mom was born 50 years ago. Jawaharlal Nehru comes to my mind if we say about R-Day". That's the knowledge of a heroine who wants stand tall in film industry and then claim that she is the representative of women's rights, personal achievements and so much.

Other hotties like Regina, Lavanya Tripathi and Ritu Varm too fumbled when a leading daily questioned them on phone about their knowledge on Republic Day. That's the plight of our country with these so called celebrities.

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