You are at S/o Satyamurthy losts for 162 mins

S/o Satyamurthy losts for 162 mins


We are not talking about the possible run time of the film at theaters because the whole Tollywood knows Allu Arjun's stamina already. As Censor Board has issued an U/A certificate already for Bunny and Trivikram's “S/o Satyamurthy", the run time of the movie is what everyone is raving about.

As the movie has an ensemble star-cast including Bunny, Samantha, Nitya, Adah, Upendra, Sneha, Prakash Raj, Rajendra Prasad, Brahmi, Sampath and others, director Trivikram took his freewill to carve out a film with 162 minutes final length. Though films more than 2 hours are not entertaining audiences these days, director Trivikram knows how to grip his flick with sparkling humour and spending screenplays.

Including USA premieres and other state releases, S/o Satyamurthy is ready for release on April 9, 2015.

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