You are at No 'Power Star' Shouts At That Function!!

No 'Power Star' Shouts At That Function!!

At any given Mega function, chanting of Pawan Kalyan's name by certain section of fans is quite common sight. Numerous times we have seen how some bhakts shout 'Power Star' whenever some mega biggies are giving speech. That became routine work these days.Surprisingly, there is nothing like shouting 'Powerstar' at Sai Dharam's Subramanyam For Sale audio launch. Much to our amusement, when Chiranjeevi is speaking, many fans continuously shouted, 'Star Star Megastar'. Chiru has to control them saying 'Babu Please, Aapandi, Please, Babu', though they are shouting his title-tag only. So, what happened to those regular Pawan Bhakts who keep on chanting his name whenever some Mega family biggie is speaking?..Actually after Nagababu's rather direct attack, as he said, 'I know who are all those people behind this drama. I can name them here. But you don't stop after this final warning, then you have to face consequences' at Shilpakala Vedika, seems like things took a quick turn. So, should we now believe Nagababu that someone has orchestrated those Powerstar shouts all the time? Tough to conclude that way, in fact.

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