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Brahmi Angry With Hema Aunty !

Hema opens about clash with Brahmi

It is heard that character artist Hema who paired with Brahmanandam in few films has declared a war on him. Keeping in view the demand Brahmi has got, he gets to decide who will be his pair. Usually, he takes someone who is ‘cooperative’ to him in ‘all’ aspects. Now, it is not sure what happened between Hema-Brahmi or what difficulties Brahmi has put Hema in but it is heard that Hema has shared with her friends that she will ensure Brahmi has sleepless nights.
It is 25 years since Hema is in the industry. She made her debut as Sridevi’s friend in RGV’s ‘Kshana Kshanam’ and still she maintains her figure in such a way that she can pass off as a late twenties girl. Hema also has a lot of influence in the industry as she maintains strong relations with top heroes and directors. She is also an active member is MAA (Movie Artists Association) and plays a dynamic role in the activities.
With all this in her kitty, it is heard that Hema is looking to trample Brahmanandam. Recently, when a program came in ABN channel showing the dark side of Brahmi, the MAA folks wanted to convene a press meet condemning the program. News was in media that big heroes like Nagarjuna, Venkatesh will come and quash the content of the program as false. However, everything got cancelled at the last minute and news is that Hema’s hand is behind this.
It is heard that Hema called up all those who wanted to take the side of Brahmi and described in detail how big an idiot Brahmi is. It seems she also explained how wretchedly he behaves with his co-stars. With this, all heroes who promised Brahmi they would come stopped taking his calls that whole day. With no other choice, the press meet got cancelled. Now, the latest update is that Brahmi is making frantic efforts to make peace with Hema who has declared a war on him.

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