You are at Swetha Basu is not guilty!

Swetha Basu is not guilty!

Swetha Basu who is in the government rescue home after being arrested for Prostitution is not repenting for her action. Rescue home officials say Swetha Basu is perfectly normal and is not seen in any sort of depression. They say she is happily browsing internet and playing games on her smart phone mobile (Mobiles are not allowed in jails but are allowed in rescue homes). 

 A rescue home official told "Normally people get depressed out of shame in the rescue homes. Compared to normal people, celebrities get more depressed in such cases because their arrest draw huge publicity. But Swetha Basu is perfectly normal and is behaving as she did nothing wrong". It is also said that Swetha Basu is also interacting with the other inmates in the rescue home.

 The actress is expected to stay in the rescue home for 3 months at least. It is already known that the actress have given a statement to the police that she resorted to prostitution due to lack of offers and money. She also revealed that there are several heroines like her involved in the sex trade but refused to divulge their names and details. 

 Swetha first donned the grease paint as a child artist in Bollywod with Makdee for which she won National Award. Later, she acted in critical acclaimed picture ‘Iqbal’. Swetha Basu Prasad  made a sensational debut in Tollywood with Kotha Bangaru Lokam and then she starred in another hit Ride but some how she failed to grab good opportunities and iis banking on item numbers off late. Let’s see how bad sex racket will affect Swetha Basu Prasad career!

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