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Allu Arjun Un-Followed All The Heroines

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Allu Arjun decided to join twitter on his 33rd birthday on April 8th and he received grand welcome from her fans. His brother Allu Sirish convinced Bunny to join twitter.Ever since, Allu Arjun joined twitter, he has become a laughing stock for his anti-fans. Allu Arjun followed a bunch of heroines besides following power star Pawan Kalyan, Rana and Allu Sirish.

But later he has un-followed all the heroines, which has triggered lot of jokes on Allu Arjun.Taking help from Allu Sirish, Bunny after a couple of tweets now feels it smooth to handle Twitter. Allu Arjun has also tweeted admitting the fact.'' Still sorting all the buttons and options in Twitter ! I took help till now. I started doing it myself now ! Smooth !Seems bunny has faced the starting troubles while using the powerful social media.

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