You are at I lost my VIRGINITY at 12: Young Hero

I lost my VIRGINITY at 12: Young Hero

Bollywood hero Ranveer Singh is always known for doing things his way. Right for declaring that there is casting coach in film industry to featuring in a condom ad, This youngster doesn't mince his words and this kind of attitude helped him to create a unique identity.

Ranveer Singh stunned one and all by declaring he lost his virginity at the age of just 12. "May be, I did it at the age of 12. I became an expert as I started it so early and used to educate all the boys who haven't been exposed to it. Mothers of my classmates used to complain against me accusing me of spoiling their children," he reveals.

The actor shares its his curiosity which led to sex at such a young age. He feels there is nothing wrong in having healthy conversations about sex and treating as taboo in Today's times is objectionable.

Ranveer declares he is willing to go full nude on screen and wouldn't take the support of a transistor like Aamir Khan in 'PK'.

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