You are at I : First Day First Show talk

I : First Day First Show talk

Shankar-Vikram combo much awaited film I released today in record number of theatres.Expectations on "I" are huge as Shankar and Vikram have teamed up for the second time. The film's first-look teaser, trailer and the songs have generated a lot of excitement around it.

As expected the film opened with very positive responses and it received big thumbs up from all corners. I  is  technically brilliant and Vikram’s dedication appeared in each and every frame of the film.

Audience who already watched the film saying that  its a scientific master piece and visual feast for audience. A.R Rahman background score takes the movie into another height specially in second half. Vikram not playing four different roles but he will appear in four avatars.Overall the movie getting positive response and we will come to know exact result by today evening.

Here are some initial responses from audience who watched the fiilm

‘’Bang on ! #I begins right away ! Vikram is jaw dropping ! PC is the legend ! .@iamAmyJackson = Beauty Santhanam scores in a wink.If somebody can be a hero in an underwear ? Then it's Vikram people ! #I fever .@iamAmyJackson .@shankarshanmugh

Can a bikini not look vulgar ? Then you need god given body like .@iamAmyJackson #I@iamAmyJackson's lip sync is better than Tamil speaking heroines ! #Imovie

‘’Watching #I this is world class stuff...will blow ur brains out,terrific bgm...arr best in past decade..hats off!!!1

Just got out of #I Premiere in France. In a few words: Perfect, innovative screenplay in 1st half, and a good msg conveyed abt Love n Beauty

#I #Ai - A visual Bonanza from Shankar, Vikram's dedication is unbeliveable. Too early too post a verdict. Good so far. #Ai #I @pcsreeram's camera work is truely equal to International Standard. #I - Visually great. As usual Shankar came with an out of the box presentation. Bt the story is unexciting, and the screenplay drags a bit. Everything seems predictable, the so called twist is not up to the level. It didn't work for me.. #I #Ithemovie. The Villains are cliched.. Missing freshness in their writing.#I is probably the most unsatisfying work from Shankar. It's a personal view..

Power packed first half with time spent on establishing the premise ! .@shankarshanmugh does it in style Vikram is a killer .@iamAmyJackson

Aila is a landmark in song visualizations and conceptualizations #Imovie #ireview.Vikram redefines acting and dedication ! #Imovie #ireview

When god decided to be creative, funny, imaginative and informative ? He was born as .@shankarshanmugh #ireview

We enjoyed it tough :-)’’

#I is ruthless and brutal ! #ireview

here comes CHIYAAN VIKRAM ......age is just a thing to him ...very colorful

I am really sad that such a class film should be trimmed around 2 hrs 30 minutes .....interval on its way ..till now its a feast #I’’

‘’MERSAL START ........never expected such a BGM from @arrahman ...#I will find the story from the logo of the movie ....

@inaymusic On the whole, my rating for #I: 4.5/5. GO FOR IT! Time flies! The movie is THRICE watchable! You'll broke in tears at the end!

@inaymusic PC's cinematography magical, ARR's BGM's electrifying and moving from start to finish. #I

@inaymusic So much themes conveyed, perfect blend for commercial cinema. Still class and international feel. Hats off @shankarshanmugh’’

@inaymusic Lastly, the man #Vikram stole the show with his ACTING and dedication. The movie is nothing without him. #I

‘’'I' One word AMAZING! Director Shankar nvr fails to mesmerize wt his colourful picturization & cinematography graphics.Movie was worth the watch.’’

@hemaamritha First half is slow...performances are story as such..

#Imovie is an experience not to be missed!!!

#I goosebumps allover... Scintillating stuff from shankar...out of the world thinking!!!!

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