You are at Spotted: Trisha's Third Tattoo on Secret Place

Spotted: Trisha's Third Tattoo on Secret Place


Heroine Trisha has been sharing good headlines space these days. The actress who's been trying for movie offers is otherwise garnering attention with her tattoos and late night parties! The actress is once again in news, this time for getting inked for the third time.Trisha, who has earlier flaunted a tattoo on her chest and a Taurus tattoo on her forearm has now got another tattoo.

The actress took to Twitter to post a photograph of her latest tattoo, "a camera with a clap mounted on a tripod" on her back. Posting a picture of her tattoo, Trisha Krishnan tweeted, :"Wear evrythn in ur heart on ur skin" N so here goes tattoo no 3".

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