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Big Banner Support To Small Film

You must have come across many instances wherein the small budget filmmakers often complain on how they are not given proper support by the industry and how their films don't get a fair chance. This is true to an extent but now there is a change in the scenario.

It is being observed that the big banners are coming forward to encourage the small budget flicks. As part of that, one big banner is going to have a litmus test now. We are talking about the famous Geetha Arts and they are distributing the movie Appudala Ippudila across both Telugu states.

The trade analysts say that this is more like a litmus test for the big banners because if this film works at the box office then many other big banners will focus on giving support to small budget flicks. In a way, it is a very good sign because that would strengthen the economy of Tollywood in a big way

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