You are at Amala Paul Says She is Not Pregnant it's Just Fat!

Amala Paul Says She is Not Pregnant it's Just Fat!

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Pretty Amala Paul who mesmerized south movie lovers with her beauty married her long time lover Kollywood director AL Vijay last year on June 12th, 2014.Rumour has it that Amala, who married Vijay in June this year, is pregnant.Amala is currently enjoying trip with Vjay and she posed some pics in her social networking which showcase a fat tummy.With this many started speculating about her pregnancy.

Amla Paul responded on the rumors and confirmed that she is not pregnant as being speculated. She said that she won't hide if she is really pregnant and asked everyone not to worry about it.

She tweeted, “Tummy’s a bit overwhelmed from all the scrumptous action and now the media speculates that I’m havin a baby!! #LMAO. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s jus that I enjoyed Christmas a little bit more this year! This is the second time certain media is presuming this, you shouldn’t worry I needn’t hide things if it happens!!!”

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