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Dasari comments- Audio functions turned disgusting


Oscars is all about honouring talent, while Telugu film Audio functions are none other than a promotional event. Except for the fact that both are related to films, they can't be compared in anyways. Still, Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao compares them.

"These days Telugu movie audio functions have become carnivals in villages. First they pollute the stage with recording dances and then they flood it with various celebs. Even while young persons are speaking, other big dignitaries are made to stand with folded hands", said Dasari, while passing comments at an audio function recently. He added, "At Oscar awards, there will be only two people present- the one who presents award and the one who receives. Why don't we learn? Audio functions turned disgusting these days".

As Telugu audio functions are all about kick starting the promotions of a film, a two hour content should be generated for TV channels to air, for which dances, joke shows and inviting many people to speak on dais is happening. Otherwise if only two people are invited, the one who launches audio and the one who receives first CD, how will a film get promoted? Logic missing.

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