You are at Hot News..The Rape Of Avantika..!!

Hot News..The Rape Of Avantika..!!

Rape Of Avantika

A piece written by journalist Anna Vetticad for The Hindu newspaper is now creating a rage online. She happens to be a staunch feminist and always advocated for women rights.In her article titled "The Rape Of Avantika", she wrote that Tamanna's character Avantika in "Baahuabli" is literally raped by Sivudu played by Prabhas. When Avantika is seriously fighting with Sivudu, he gets ride of her clothes by cutting each piece of cloth skilfully and exposes her skin to bring out feminine garb out of her. Then she falls flat for him and their romance leads to sex in the sequence. Anna wrote that this is a forced sex, and she questioned Rajamouli in what exposing a woman's body will create feelings of lover in her? ..Discussions are on a rage on social networks about this piece of article. We have to see what Rajamouli will be saying about this.

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