You are at Rakul Preet Singh blasts defence lawyers

Rakul Preet Singh blasts defence lawyers


By now, the comments made by the defence lawyers who supported the acts of all the rapists in December 16, 2012 horrific Nirbhaya gangrape case have went viral everywhere. As the defence lawyers termed woman as flowers and someone who shouldn't come out of homes, anger is mushrooming against them on huge scale.

Angered by those comments, Rakul Preet Singh has questioned the kind of democracy we are living in. “Such horrible inhuman comments coming from a lawyer. Which democracy are we living in? What rights do we talk about", she said, indicating that its time for change. Maybe the whole of educated and sensible indians are employing the same opinion. Only if people with these lawyers-like mindsets change, things will come to justice in India.

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