You are at One For Fans: Pawan Gives Green Signal

One For Fans: Pawan Gives Green Signal

Pawan Kalyan’s latest decision proves that he has good business sense. His producers have been worried that Pawan’s role was brief in Gopala Gopala and wanted to stretch its length so that it sells better. Though the film has Venkatesh playing the main role and Pawan playing a key role which is 20 minutes long, Gopala Gopala is being promoted as a multi-starrer. Thanks to Pawan Kalyan, the film is doing very good business already in both mass and class areas. It goes without saying that the buyers would not think twice if the film had more of Pawan Kalyan. So, the producers requested him to okay extending the length of his role in the film which happens to be a remake of Hindi hit Oh My God. Though Pawan had insisted that the original script must be followed to the T in the past, he has now relented well aware of the plight of the producers and given his nod for a lengthier role. Also, as per the original script, Pawan did not have any songs in the film. Now, a solo song will be shot on Pawan and another one will be shot on Pawan and Venkatesh. Pawan’s fans are ecstatic ever since the news has come out.

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