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Why Kangana Shows off Too Much!

Photo Story: Kangana shows off Too Much!

Kangana Ranaut has hardly tried to safeguard her modesty in the latest photo shoot for GQ Magazine. She showed what does 'Bold & Beautiful' mean by flashing her private parts more than anyone would expect her to do. This hottie always preferred her dare bare acts to do the taking and doesn't regret doing anything even if she was floored with criticism. This kind of attitude has earned her a numero uno status and also a kind of respect from Industry folks.

Post 'Queen', Kangana has become one of the most sought after actress in Bollywood and she is enjoying the phase. Apart from doing character-driven roles, She is giving her time to Magazine photo shoots to enthrall her fans who encouraged her all these years. After all, who would't appreciate if Kangana goes so such extremes to show her gratitude?

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